#WeRepresent Nashville SC

Ever wonder…

What is a supporters group?
Isn’t every fan a supporter?
Can all Nashville SC fans be in a supporters group?
Who are those crazy people yelling, drumming, and popping smoke?

We may not answer all your questions but we are here to welcome you in!
Visit our FAQs Page for answers to these questions and more!



About Us

It seems rather obvious to say that The Roadies wouldn’t exist without Nashville SC. Filling a void left by the Nashville Metros, Nashville SC brought soccer back to Music City in a unique way, allowing fans to have a say in how the club operates. This was first the case with a member run NPSL club, Nashville FC, secondly with the PDL club, Nashville SC U23, and continuing on to the professional ranks with the USL club, and now our MLS Club Nashville SC. The Roadies are the original independent supporters group for Nashville SC. We were founded on February 15, 2014 at The Pub Nashville, just after the club’s initial season schedule release party.

The Roadies are the ones you can’t miss on match days, even if you try. Out motto, “First to Come, Last to Leave” (displayed on our Crest), is lived out as we tailgate hours before each match, march to the stadium during warm-ups, cheer on the Boys in Gold for 90+ minutes, and stay after the match’s conclusion to thank the team. We stand, chant, cheer, sing, bang drums, and wave flags with such gusto that we often lose our voices and complain of aching muscles when it is all over. We would have it no other way. We welcome all comers to our organization and invite you to join us at Nashville SC events, the tailgates, or in the Supporters Section at games!