As Roadies, we are a very public face of Nashville SC supporters. To many fans, we’re the rowdy, loud group that never stops singing or cheering. Being aware of that, we need to be careful of our conduct before, during, and after matches. Ultimately, what brings us together is a love of the game and the community that a supporters group allows. Our actions should reflect our group and our club in a positive light, wherein all members and future members of The Roadies can feel welcome.


The purpose of The Roadies is to support Nashville SC and the growth of soccer in Nashville and throughout the United States by welcoming all people to share our passion for our city, the beautiful game, and our home club: Nashville SC.

We keep this purpose in mind every time we gather at a home match, in a pub, or on the road. It is with this vision of unity that we vow to one another not to target any people (supporters or players) based on any individual characteristics such as, but not limited to, race, gender, religion, political affiliation, or sexual orientation. We will not tolerate anyone using such characteristics as a basis for attempted humor, aggression, or hate at any gathering of The Roadies or on social media. We also will not tolerate any unwanted or inappropriate behavior towards others, excessive profanity, obscene gestures, illegal activities, fighting, or threatening remarks.

We take it upon ourselves to police our own ranks. Therefore we pledge to immediately report any violation of this code that we may witness to the Board of Directors of The Roadies.

First In – Last Out