The ever evolving face of soccer in the United States has positioned Nashville to grow with it. Our design and graphics team has put together an identity that can carry us into the next phase of our existence. This identity is proudly heralded by our logo: “Version 2.0.”
Roadie Shield 1

Discovering The Roadie Shield

The Shield
The Roadies crest is built on the US Interstate System shield which carries two meanings: (1) it represents the intersection of three major interstates and Nashville’s role as a major transportation hub and (2) it pays homage to the classic logo of National Life and Accident Insurance Company, the founding parent of WSM-AM 650, home to the Grand Ole Opry. Under this shield, Roadies members stand as a single, unified community.

The Colors
A light blue top represents the sky in which our United States, Tennessee, and Metro Nashville flags proudly fly.

A dark blue curved base represents the rivers that link East and West Nashville and flow through Clarksville, Murfreesboro, and throughout Middle Tennessee.

At the center of it all is NSC gold, representing the heart and soul of the club: the kit our Boys in Gold proudly wear.

Our Motto
Within the shield’s base is the long-form version of the Roadies’ motto: “First to Come, Last to Leave,” a tribute to the classic Jackson Browne hits “The Load-Out” and “Stay” which are all about a roadie’s life, culture, and what roadies mean to performers. For chants, we often shorten this motto to “First In, Last Out.” And that perfectly describes how The Roadies (rock and) roll. We arrive early, cheering our Boys in Gold through their warm-ups; we chant, sing, wave flags, and bang drums for the full 90+ minutes; and then we stay late to thank the boys for their hard work on the pitch.

Every Roadie has a Rig
In the center of the crest, you’ll see a Roadie Rig representing the miles our boys and The Roadies will travel to bring home a championship. Leading the way for the Roadie Rig is a license plate captioned LHP, which stands for the virtues all of our members hold dear: Loyalty, Honor, and Passion. Flanking the Roadie Rig are three navy blue stars which represent the Tri-Star of our beloved Tennessee state flag.

A Tribute
Atop the grille of the Roadie Rig are the initials “CH” which hold special significance to the Roadies, and indeed all of the Nashville SC family.

Caleb J. Hanby

Caleb Hanby was Nashville FC (NPSL Club) Founding Member No. 4 and one of six NFC members present at the founding of the Roadies on February 15, 2014 at The Pub Nashville. After NFC’s first season, in October 2014, Caleb was diagnosed with Stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare malignant cancer. An accomplished personal trainer, Caleb courageously fought the cancer throughout NFC’s second season. The Club and Roadies did what they could to assist Caleb’s family with the cost of care, including the sale of #TeamCaleb wristbands and an emotional on-field jersey presentation ceremony.

In September 2015, in a hospital-bedside ceremony at Vanderbilt Hospital, Caleb married his life’s love, Bethany. On October 1, 2015, Caleb “won” his final battle and joined the ranks of friends, family, and supporters who will live on forever in our memories and hearts.

If you feel called to do so, the Roadies encourage donations in memory of Caleb to the Sarcoma Foundation.