Who runs all of this?

The Roadies are a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization and are run by volunteers and members. Voting members vote on an elected Board of Directors that make decisions based on the Vision of the company.

Why do you call all of the officials ‘Gary’?

This great tradition started when Jessica, one of The Roadies, mistakenly thought one of the lines was named Gary. It stuck. We’ve confused many a linesman with this. Now all officials are named Gary, no matter their gender.

What’s the deal with Cocoa Puffs?

It’s the unofficial Roadie cereal. Wil brought a box with him on the first Roadie road trip, and teasing ensued until all of the other Roadies present were hungry. Nashville FC (NPSL) won, and a tradition was born.

What’s with #FirstInLastOut?

An abbreviated version of the Roadies’ slogan, “First to come, last to leave,” speaks to our dedication to the team. We’re first in the stands, cheering the boys on through warm-ups and the last to go, making sure we’ve thanked the team for their efforts on the field. You won’t see the Roadies making an exodus to avoid traffic when a game is already put away.