You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers!

What is a supporters group?

A supporters group is meant to drive the fan experience and do exactly what it says, support its club. Typically, a supporters group is an organized entity and is an independent organization from the soccer club. Historically, supporters group also have had large impacts on the community with their efforts to unite around a certain cause. Our desire is to continue and amplify these traditions.

Isn’t every fan a supporter?

Yes, and no. Of course, every Nashville SC fan is a supporter of the club, but, in soccer terms, the word supporter has held a separate distinction. The supporter delineation is meant to speak to the people who are connected to supporters groups and typically carry the torch of leading and participating in chants, standing in a certain section, and organizing support outside of match day. In this vein, we want everyone to feel like a supporter so we hope wherever you sit in the stadium you would join us in our efforts to support Nashville SC!

Why should I be a member?

We get it: your $25 a year is a precious commodity. It all goes much past the $25 commitment, great perks (for real), and endless fun. The Roadies are a family of soccer supporters. Being a member means you get to call the people you stand with during tailgates and matches family and know you are all in something together for the same purpose. No matter your background, economic status, religious belief, sex, race, or any other label society choses to pin on you, in The Roadies, you are family and you are a supporter of Nashville SC. Ready to join? CLICK HERE!

Can all Nashville SC fans be in a supporters group?

Sure thing! We would love to welcome you to The Roadies but also realize our organization is not for everyone. If you want to check out the other supporters groups before making a decision for membership, check out The Backline Supporters Collective for info on all groups. More info about The Backline is below!

Who runs all of this?

The Roadies are a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization and are run by volunteers and members. Voting members vote on an elected Board of Directors that make decisions based on the Vision of the company.

Why do you call all of the officials ‘Gary’?

This great tradition started when Jessica, one of The Roadies, mistakenly thought one of the linesmen was named Gary. It stuck. We’ve confused many a linesman with this. Now all officials are named Gary, no matter their gender.

What’s with #FirstInLastOut?

An abbreviated version of the Roadies’ slogan, “First to come, last to leave,” speaks to our dedication to the team. We’re first in the stands, cheering the boys on through warm-ups and the last to go, making sure we’ve thanked the team for their efforts on the field. You won’t see the Roadies making an exodus to avoid traffic when a game is already put away.

What is the difference between The Backline and The Roadies?

The Backline is a collective of all the supporters groups that purpose to cheer on Nashville SC and grow soccer in Nashville. It is an organizing structure that allows us to host better tailgates, have better match day experiences, and communicate clearly with the club. We are the first supporters group to ever follow and support Nashville SC (then ‘FC’) and we are overjoyed to see so many joining the voice that is The Backline.