As a group, The Roadies are committed to supporting Nashville SC both at home AND on the road. Though travel costs and time are hard for many, we want to make a few away matches a year as accessible as possible. See below for information on the trips we are managing this season and to purchase your tickets.


What is included?
You will get a bus ticket, beer (or non-alcoholic drinks), and the satisfaction of hanging out with 53 of your closest friends for the ride and match!

Ticket Value (amounts are approximations):

  • Gas Savings: ~$25
  • Beer: ~$10
  • Match Ticket: $16
  • Satisfaction: Priceless

What are the perks?
After standing cheering for 90 minutes, all a Roadie wants to do is sit down and drink a beer. Don’t get caught driving yourself home after that type of grueling exercise!

Are there refunds?
Due to the need to reserve our buses ahead of time, there will be no refunds within 30 days of the trip. We will work with you to resell your ticket if you have extenuating circumstances.

Who is invited?
ALL Nashville SC Supporters and Fans are invited, whether in a Recognized Supporters Group or not.

Does my ticket grant me entry to the match?
Yes. You will receive a physical ticket upon checking in to the bus trip.


Bus Tickets


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